Thiet Dan Furniture

Factory tour

Thiet Dan's production process has been continuously updated and improved through many years of learning and constant striving. At the same time, the company always aims for continuous improvement to increase work efficiency, factory productivity as well as product quality. With advanced processes and high discipline, high product quality criteria, Thiet Dan has succeeded in satisfying customers over the years from simple to complex orders.


The factory's production materials are taken from reputable, experienced suppliers with deep knowledge of wood materials to ensure product quality from the first stage. Raw materials are also processed through necessary steps before being delivered to our factory for furniture making.


Preliminary treatment

Preliminary treatment is the first but extremely important step in the production process. This stage is also supported by modern machinery and equipment invested by the company to ensure that each step in our process produces the best results.



Machinery and equipment for shaping are important to ensure that human error as well as material wastage are minimalized.



The assembly stage is conducted, supervised and strictly inspected by staff.



Sanding occurs many times at different stages in the production process, different grades of sanding are used to achieve desired level of smoothness.



Painting products requires highly trained and skilled employees to produce the most even and eye-catching paint. Thiet Dan has spent many years training and constantly improving the tools and skills of painters throughout our time in the industry.



The packaging process is also highly invested in from the packaging materials to packaging methods and execution in order to guarantee throughout quality for customer.